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Diagnosis[ edit ] Histopathology of IPMN types in a distal pancreatectomy specimen from a year-old man, by gross pathology center imagemicroscopy and immunohistochemistry : The resected specimen c revealed that the mural nodule in the MPD consisted of PB-type IPMN with high-grade dysplasia adenocarcinoma a with a diffuse positivity of p53 immunostaining an insert and KRAS mutation G12V.

The BD-IPMN of the body was lined by gastric mucinous epithelium showing low papillary configuration with mild epithelial stratification with the same KRAS mutation dand the proliferation of similar gastric IPMN components sequentially involved the bottom of the mural nodule and the wall of intraductalis papilláris mucinos neoplazma surrounding dilated MPD indicated by red arrowheads b.

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Main duct lesion is the segmental or diffuse dilatation of main pancreatic duct greater than 5 mm without other causes of obstruction. Meanwhile, branch duct lesion is the pancreatic cyst more than 5 mm that communicates with the main duct.

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The mixed duct lesions fulfills both criteria above.